October 28: Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University

Posted by Director Mark Richard Smith on October 11th, 2010

I’m honored that the film will kick off “The American Architect in Focus”, a 3-week series of documentaries and features devoted to architecture. Presented by Block Cinema and the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust, the series “focuses on America’s architectural heritage and the groundbreaking visionaries who defined it.”

One of the feature films will be King Vidor’s “The Fountainhead” from 1941 with Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal, from Ayn Rand’s legendary novel, a story with undeniable parallels to Louis Sullivan’s experience as a marginalized, uncompromising artist.

I’m very pleased to say that my film’s composer, Michael T. McLean, is coming in from California to be at the screening. Michael graduated with a degree in music theory from Northwestern in 1989, so this is a sort of homecoming for him. And luckily, for me, if there are any questions about the music, I can sit down and listen to someone else for a change!